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Larianae Notaries

Your Multi-Lingual Notary in London

Who we are

Larianae Notaries is a Scrivener Notary firm which specialises in verifying, authenticating and recording key documents.

We work for individuals and businesses who have to provide documents to overseas officials.

Our notaries have worked with a wide range of clients, such as film stars, couples seeking to get married, and multinational corporations ranging from major banks to global pharmaceutical companies.

We speak your language and those of the officials who need to approve your documents.


For your own use or for submission abroad, we can ensure your documents are properly understood.


Be they corporate or private, we can ensure your documents are fully authenticated.


Whatever the destination, we can ensure your documents are ready to be accepted in their recipient jurisdiction.

What our clients say about us:

  • I truly recommend Larinae Notaries.I needed to legalise some education documents to send to the Consulate and they suggested me the quickest and cheapest option.I contacted different notaries and they… read more

    valentina lorrai Avatar valentina lorrai
    15 September, 2021
  • O único problema é eu nao ter encontrado o Larianae Notaries antes!! Extremamente agradecida por ter o privilégio de encontrar e desfrutar dos serviços oferecidos . Fui super bem atendida… read more

    Wyne PF Avatar Wyne PF
    15 September, 2021
  • I can’t recommend more the services of Larianae Notaries. I primarily interacted with Ms. Callinan and Notary Simonetti. I came to them for a degree conversion. This is a… read more

    Andrea Giovannetti Avatar Andrea Giovannetti
    15 September, 2022
  • I contacted Ms. Lara Gouveia Simonetti (i.e. the proprietor of Larianae Notaries) a couple of weeks ago, because I needed a professional help with some very important documents that I… read more

    A. Marengo Avatar A. Marengo
    15 September, 2020
  • I found Ms. Lara Gouveia Simonetti’s establishment, Larianae Notaries online, as the embassy required important and specific documentation in order for a renewal of my passport. While the embassy had… read more

    A Lodhi Avatar A Lodhi
    15 September, 2020

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