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About Us

Larianae Notaries is a brand new firm Scrivener of multi-lingual notaries in central London.

Founded in 2020 and having become a Scrivener firm in 2022, we are committed to excellent specialist service, transparency and customer satisfaction.

We specialise in verifying, authenticating and recording documents, and have dedicated and specialist and tested knowledge in certain foreign languages and jurisdictions.

As notaries we work for individuals and businesses who have to provide documents to overseas officials; you can find out more about notarisation here.

Our notaries have worked with private clients ranging from film stars through to couples seeking to get married. They have also acted for multinational corporations ranging from major banks to global media companies. 

We speak your language and those of the officials who need to approve your documents, reducing the risk of your documents not being accepted.

We can undertake legalisation of the documents on your behalf once notarised.

We also offer translation services for all kinds of documents.

About us

Our Notary

Lara Gouveia Simonetti

Notary Public

Lara completed her BA in Jurisprudence at Brasenose College, Oxford, which included a year of Italian Law at the University of Siena.

She then moved to Brazil where she obtained experience of Brazilian law in conjunction with the University of Brasília.

On moving back to the UK, Lara undertook legal work while studying for and training as a Notary Public.

She completed the Notarial Practice Course at University College London in July 2019.

When not at work, Lara enjoys literature, choral music and the violin.