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Electronic Notarisation

The increasingly digitalised world in which we live pushes the boundaries of the historical need for documents to be certified with the wet ink signature and seal of a Notary Public.

Indeed, the pandemic has been a compelling factor in phasing out paper-based practices in many areas. For instance, overseas recipients are now increasingly accepting of services such as the e-Apostille, embracing the benefits they confer.

Electronic notarisations, conducted with the necessary safeguards and secure electronic signatures, can offer clients an invaluable degree of flexibility, at the cutting edge of notarial practice.

Due regard must be had for the nature of the document being certified, and the specific requirements of the receiving jurisdiction.

Larianae Notaries have experience in conducting electronic notarisation (e-notarisations) since February 2021 for countries and authorities all over the world, such as Italy, Brazil, Panama, Spain, and the US. However, it must be noted that, even if these timely changes are being welcomed in several jurisdictions, it is sometimes up to individual recipients to update their practices and adopt e-notarisation, so we always advise to check if your ultimate recipient or authority will accept such services before proceeding. It is also worth keeping in mind that there are areas of English law that do not, at present, allow for remote services, for instance, in connection with the swearing of oaths. In these cases, we would need to be in the physical presence of our client. 

We continue to monitor this area of law as it develops, and endeavour to be at the forefront of notarial services for all our clients.

We look forward to the future, and if you believe you may require electronic notarisation, do get in touch and we would be happy to confirm how we can assist.

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