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Our notaries can assist in notarising documents for use abroad.
We currently have expertise in English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish and Bulgarian, in order to to issue documents directly in foreign languages for use abroad.
We offer appointments during business hours and occasionally outside of business hours in exceptional circumstances.
We are also prepared to make home visits or visit corporate clients at their place of business.

If the notarial appointments take place outside of our office there will be an additional charge to cover travelling time and expenses, on top of our usual fees.

In some cases, we may also be able to offer electronic notarisation

Occasionally we may not be able to see you within the timeframe you require, or we may decide that we are not able to act for you in which case we will advise you that that is the case and will provide you with the necessary information to locate an alternative notary.
We can undertake legalisation of the documents on your behalf once notarised.
We also offer translation services for all kinds of documents.

Examples of documents we provide:

For Businesses

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Affidavits/Oaths/Declarations
  • Certificates of Good Standing or Existence
  • Certificates of Law
  • Official copies of Certificates of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copies of Official Documents
  • Trademark Assignments
  • Application Forms
  • Agreements
  • Bills of Sale

For Individuals

  •  Powers of Attorney
  • Affidavits/Oaths/Declarations
  • Copies of Passports and other
  • Copies of Official Documents
  • Written Statements
  • Application Forms
  • Certificates of Law
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Property Purchases
  • Agreements
  • International Contracts
  • Adoption Documents

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